Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NYC Edition

Hello everyone,

Boyfriend and I were in NYC around mid-October to celebrate our 3 year anniversary. I wasn't really sure what to expect since I'm from Hell-Ay...and some friends have suggested that NY is not very different from where we live. But it IS different, soooo different! For instance, I love the public transportation there, love that it's a walking city, love the energy, but most importantly...love that there are restaurants/food carts/shops everywhere. So exciting!

cheesy cheesy with Lady Liberty

(daydreaming in Central Park; p.s. saw these not-so-basic flats on Wendy's Lookbook and had to have them!)
(at Grand Central Station; LOVE sign {it was pouring that day}; and Ellis island {down & dirty to capture the perfect shot :P})

(St. Patrick's Cathedral; Picassos at MOMA; trying on Louboutins at Barneys)

And now...onto the FOOD :D
From top left going clockwise:
  1. Shake Shack Burger: oh boy the line was long but thankfully it was moving fairly fast. Food was definitely yummy in my tummy but equivalent to a heart attack waiting to happen lol...
  2. cute little cake bites from "baked by melissa"
  3. ramen from Totto Ramen. My NYC friends also recommended Ippudo but it was out of our way so we came here instead. This teeny eatery opens at noon, we got there at 11:30am and we were 4th in line! Yikessss! It was well worth it though. (btw, I'm starting to feel like all Asians frequent the same restaurants haha)
  4. pastrami at Carnegie Deli--we are still drooling over this :)
  1. dumplings at Joe's Shanghai. Verdict: we like it more than Din Tai Fung in LA! Although the skin is a bit thicker than DTF, the meat is more juicy and the soup is definitely more savory/sweet.
  2. red bean & lychee ice cream from Chinatown Ice Cream Factory
  3. chicken/lamb + rice at Halal cart on 53rd and 6th (we came at an odd hour so there were only a dozen people in front of us. YESSS!)
  4. pizza at Lombardi's, first pizzeria in NY.
  1. Italian appetizers at Carmine's
  2. coconut rice pudding at Rice to Riches
  3. bf's sushi (don't remember restaurant)
  4. my "cooked" sushi
That's all folks. ;) We took so many pictures (but of course our faces are clearly visible so I can't share them on this blog). Hopefully the ones posted are small/blurry enough where you can't make out my face haha.

Really, we LOVE New York! <333


  1. I love the food pics! *drool*! This is definitely a place I want to visit :)


  2. i've been NYC before, but i've never seen or been to such food places! they look absolutely delish! next time i go to NYC imma have to write out a list of all the places you went to try them out.

    but in all honestly... who can ever hate NYC? :)

  3. All the foooooood! I've been loving both your and Jean's NYC pics. Can not wait to try out (and play tourist) the next time I go up. Happy happy anniversary you two! And I'm so glad you had fun :)

  4. Oh the foods. Next time when I am in NYC, I will definitely check out Joe's place since those juicy buns have been seen for times on the internet.

    I love the pictures of the central park. They look so peaceful since normally it's always packed with people!

  5. we LOVE the food in NYC...definitely check them all out :)

    anon: there weren't that many people at central park...maybe it's this time of the year? perhaps it's more crowded when weather is hot.


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