Friday, December 7, 2012

A Little Wedding Preview...

Hi ya!

I've been a mrs. for almost 3 full weeks now! People keep asking me if it feels any different and the truth is...not much has changed. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing LOL...

Anyway, I'm still waiting on our professional photos but here are a few that I stole from friends & family. (The first 3 are sneak peeks from our photographer). Our wedding was 15 hours long but the day flew by soooo fast, I wish I could relive it again. All I can say was magical...but then I'm probably a tiny bit biased. ;)

{at hilltop park--it was extremely windy that day so I don't think we got too many good photos :( }
{veil was flying all over without any additional help}
{wore these shoes for 14 hours straight! had to take them off the last hour though,
couldn't bear another sec of it :D}

{my traditional dress/ao dai}

{love love the flower girl's dress...I want one for myself!}

{lighting our unity candle in church}

{the beautiful arch at our guest photo area}

{rosemary place cards, 300 of them}

{photo/gift tables}

{lanterns lining the aisle}

{candy bar, lost a bird}

{first dance as husband and wife--I let my hair down at night}

{our beautiful and delicious cake}

{we were watching the hilarious same day edit video! Aubrey & Elle, I'm wearing the Alice & Olivia pearl dress}

{photos for guests to take home}

{this was waiting for us at our suite at the end of the night}
I didn't feel much stress/exhaustion leading to our wedding but boy, it sure caught up to me after! I should have taken a month off just to recover!
Stay tuned for more as we get photos from our photographer. Thank you for letting me share these photos with you and have a wonderful weekend everyone!
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