Friday, December 7, 2012

A Little Wedding Preview...

Hi ya!

I've been a mrs. for almost 3 full weeks now! People keep asking me if it feels any different and the truth is...not much has changed. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing LOL...

Anyway, I'm still waiting on our professional photos but here are a few that I stole from friends & family. (The first 3 are sneak peeks from our photographer). Our wedding was 15 hours long but the day flew by soooo fast, I wish I could relive it again. All I can say was magical...but then I'm probably a tiny bit biased. ;)

{at hilltop park--it was extremely windy that day so I don't think we got too many good photos :( }
{veil was flying all over without any additional help}
{wore these shoes for 14 hours straight! had to take them off the last hour though,
couldn't bear another sec of it :D}

{my traditional dress/ao dai}

{love love the flower girl's dress...I want one for myself!}

{lighting our unity candle in church}

{the beautiful arch at our guest photo area}

{rosemary place cards, 300 of them}

{photo/gift tables}

{lanterns lining the aisle}

{candy bar, lost a bird}

{first dance as husband and wife--I let my hair down at night}

{our beautiful and delicious cake}

{we were watching the hilarious same day edit video! Aubrey & Elle, I'm wearing the Alice & Olivia pearl dress}

{photos for guests to take home}

{this was waiting for us at our suite at the end of the night}
I didn't feel much stress/exhaustion leading to our wedding but boy, it sure caught up to me after! I should have taken a month off just to recover!
Stay tuned for more as we get photos from our photographer. Thank you for letting me share these photos with you and have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Congratulations! First time commenter, but you're wedding dress is very pretty. May I ask who designed it?

  2. No, it has to be a Vera Wang- it's just too gorgeous.

  3. hi Lindsay! yes it is a VW, the style is called Fawn. thank you for stopping by :)

  4. It does look magical! I adore the flower girls dress and your ao dai! Can't wait to see more pics! Congrats!

  5. Love your dresses, esp. your ao dai. Where did you buy the lace fabric and where did you custom make it at? -Loan

  6. Oh man, I couldn't click over here fast enough this morning! Love fawn, LOVE the ao dai, and can't wait to see more. Looks like it was such a special day with so much thought put into the details.

  7. thanks Olyvia, i love the flower girl's dress too! me WANT!!!

    @anon: so sorry for the late reply...but my cousin bought the fabric in VN and i got it custom made in OC. if you're in LA, you can go to fashion district and look for ao dai fabric, they have plenty but you just gotta do a bit of scouting.

    Jean: thank you so much...i'm so lazy to post pix but i promise i will once i sort them all out :)

  8. What an amazing wedding! Your ao dai's lovely and the bouquets were all beautiful. I enjoyed the updates!


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