Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easy DIY: Clip-on Bow for Shoes

I wanted a pair of bow flats to wear at my casual engagement shoot but didn’t want to spend money on new shoes, so I decided to make my own bows instead. Items needed:

- bows (you can buy ribbons and form your own, but I found a couple of children’s bow ties for cheap so I bought these)
- shoe clips
- felt backing
- feathers or any adornments you like
- glue
- your old shoes

This project is so easy, no skills or prior experience needed. :D And ta da…now I have a “new” pair of shoes!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wedding Theme

Many people have asked me what our wedding colors are and I’m usually at a loss of what to say because…well…we’re using almost every shade of the rainbow! I remember asking fiance how he wants our wedding to feel, and he replied with “romantic.” We didn’t talk about it too much but somehow eventually arrived at this:

Overall theme: enchanted garden
Look/feel: romantic, elegant, a little bit whimsical and vintage
Main colors: ivory, blush pink
Complementing colors: corals, brown, bronze/gold, leafy green

In the past few months, I must have saved at least a couple hundred photos as I looked for wedding inspiration. With all the blogs out there, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed. I decided to make these inspiration boards just to keep myself on track as to the overall look and feel we wanted for our wedding.

Since our wedding will be indoors, obviously we can’t have a full-on garden theme but we’ll try to incorporate it wherever we can. Now, I went a little cray cray with this and even researched about releasing live fireflies in our ballroom at night. Isn’t that sooo romantic? Ahhh…!!! And yes, you can really buy everything over the internet! I gave up on the fireflies idea when learning they’re only available in May/June. Ok…how about doves then? Would my church allow that? Hmmm…. :D

Birds and bees, rabbits and squirrels, flowers and moss…you will see bits and pieces of these tied into our theme. We hope our wedding will reflect our personalities as we plan to add many personal touches to it. So excited!

Less than 8 months to go, yayyyy! :)
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