Friday, December 7, 2012

A Little Wedding Preview...

Hi ya!

I've been a mrs. for almost 3 full weeks now! People keep asking me if it feels any different and the truth is...not much has changed. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing LOL...

Anyway, I'm still waiting on our professional photos but here are a few that I stole from friends & family. (The first 3 are sneak peeks from our photographer). Our wedding was 15 hours long but the day flew by soooo fast, I wish I could relive it again. All I can say was magical...but then I'm probably a tiny bit biased. ;)

{at hilltop park--it was extremely windy that day so I don't think we got too many good photos :( }
{veil was flying all over without any additional help}
{wore these shoes for 14 hours straight! had to take them off the last hour though,
couldn't bear another sec of it :D}

{my traditional dress/ao dai}

{love love the flower girl's dress...I want one for myself!}

{lighting our unity candle in church}

{the beautiful arch at our guest photo area}

{rosemary place cards, 300 of them}

{photo/gift tables}

{lanterns lining the aisle}

{candy bar, lost a bird}

{first dance as husband and wife--I let my hair down at night}

{our beautiful and delicious cake}

{we were watching the hilarious same day edit video! Aubrey & Elle, I'm wearing the Alice & Olivia pearl dress}

{photos for guests to take home}

{this was waiting for us at our suite at the end of the night}
I didn't feel much stress/exhaustion leading to our wedding but boy, it sure caught up to me after! I should have taken a month off just to recover!
Stay tuned for more as we get photos from our photographer. Thank you for letting me share these photos with you and have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Wedding Updates

Hi everyone!

Our wedding is a little under 3 months from now and fiancé and I have gotten quite a few things done! We try to add many personal touches ourselves so DIY is taking on a whole new meaning hehe. I keep thinking of coming here and sharing with y'all...but being the anonymous "blogger" that I am, it's hard to reveal too much. Pretty much everything we do have our names/faces on it so...yah! But here are a few random things I'd like to share...

hair for a photoshoot
getting an early start on tissue pom poms
lots of baskets for ceremony programs etc.
a mock-up of our flowers. can't wait to see the fully finished product!
our wedding invite that we had a big hand in designing

i single-handedly addressed 200 of these babies myself

fiancé painted this for guests to "leaf" their print

a girl's gotta love her tulle
feathers for my fascinator. maybe i'll show the end result in another post :)

a sash that i put together. i have 3 sashes for my wedding dress so i don't know which one i'm using yet LOL

our wedding cake will be a mix of 8 different layers/flavors. yes, i'm a little crazy :D

starting to accumulate stuff for our guest bathroom baskets!

I will try to share more in-progress work as well as some pix when the day comes. But be warned, they will be headless pictures!!! :D

Friday, June 1, 2012

Yummy Wedding Shoes

Hi everyone!

Just sharing a few amazing pairs of shoes that I covet. So much bling bling, what's a girl to do? 

{miu miu}

{manolo blahnik}


{christian louboutin}

And here's a more affordable shoe that we all can afford. Went to a couple of H&M to hunt them down...finally found a size 5 and they're HUMONGOUS! Sad day.

Which pretty pair would you wear on your wedding day? :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easy DIY: Clip-on Bow for Shoes

I wanted a pair of bow flats to wear at my casual engagement shoot but didn’t want to spend money on new shoes, so I decided to make my own bows instead. Items needed:

- bows (you can buy ribbons and form your own, but I found a couple of children’s bow ties for cheap so I bought these)
- shoe clips
- felt backing
- feathers or any adornments you like
- glue
- your old shoes

This project is so easy, no skills or prior experience needed. :D And ta da…now I have a “new” pair of shoes!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wedding Theme

Many people have asked me what our wedding colors are and I’m usually at a loss of what to say because…well…we’re using almost every shade of the rainbow! I remember asking fiance how he wants our wedding to feel, and he replied with “romantic.” We didn’t talk about it too much but somehow eventually arrived at this:

Overall theme: enchanted garden
Look/feel: romantic, elegant, a little bit whimsical and vintage
Main colors: ivory, blush pink
Complementing colors: corals, brown, bronze/gold, leafy green

In the past few months, I must have saved at least a couple hundred photos as I looked for wedding inspiration. With all the blogs out there, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed. I decided to make these inspiration boards just to keep myself on track as to the overall look and feel we wanted for our wedding.

Since our wedding will be indoors, obviously we can’t have a full-on garden theme but we’ll try to incorporate it wherever we can. Now, I went a little cray cray with this and even researched about releasing live fireflies in our ballroom at night. Isn’t that sooo romantic? Ahhh…!!! And yes, you can really buy everything over the internet! I gave up on the fireflies idea when learning they’re only available in May/June. Ok…how about doves then? Would my church allow that? Hmmm…. :D

Birds and bees, rabbits and squirrels, flowers and moss…you will see bits and pieces of these tied into our theme. We hope our wedding will reflect our personalities as we plan to add many personal touches to it. So excited!

Less than 8 months to go, yayyyy! :)

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wedding Dresses: Vera Wang

***UPDATE as of November, 2013: I am now selling my used Vera Wang Fawn for approximately half off retail price; please contact me at if interested. I can send more photos and answer any additional questions. My dress is a size 2 but fits like a 0, I am 5'6 with heels, weighs about 105lbs. Thank you!

Hello again and welcome to another wedding dress edition. :) I'm super excited to share this blog post with you because hey, it's Vera freakin' Wang! Without further ado, here are some fabulous dresses that I tried on this past Saturday...

Meet Audrey...

I have seen Audrey on a couple of brides but it didn't really catch my attention. The moment I put it on though, both fiancé and I were sprung. LOVE is an understatement (trust me, it looks so much better in person than in photos). Fiancé loved it so much he asked me to try it on twice. :)

Next, meet Georgina...

I adore the delicate lace on Georgina but not a big fan of the horizontal stripes on the skirt.

Moving on to Ethel...

When I first showed pictures of Ethel to fiancé, he wasn't a fan. He said it was much too simple, but with the right belt added, it looks amazing! And we both love the voluminous train of organzas on the back.

And this is Fawn...


Fawn is just lovely, delicate, airy, and very fairy-like. The only minor complaint is that fiancé isn't a fan of the bust design. He said it makes me look flat from the side. Men! LOL...

Here is Gemma...

One of my friends really love Gemma so I decided to try it on for her. It's too overwhelming on my petite frame but I'm sure it would look very nice on someone who's taller.

And last but not least, Diana...

Diana is my wild card. I wanted to try on something different and ended up loving it as well. The full, soft organza look is really growing on me.

Overall, Vera Wang was such a wonderful experience. After mulling over price + look + comfort level, I think fiancé and I have decided on the dress. However, I have 2 more appoinments with other bridal stores before making the final decision. I'm leaving my options open 'til then (but my heart is kinda set haha)!

Thank you everyone for reading. Which one is your favorite?
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