Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wedding Dresses: Vera Wang

***UPDATE as of November, 2013: I am now selling my used Vera Wang Fawn for approximately half off retail price; please contact me at underthecasun@gmail.com if interested. I can send more photos and answer any additional questions. My dress is a size 2 but fits like a 0, I am 5'6 with heels, weighs about 105lbs. Thank you!

Hello again and welcome to another wedding dress edition. :) I'm super excited to share this blog post with you because hey, it's Vera freakin' Wang! Without further ado, here are some fabulous dresses that I tried on this past Saturday...

Meet Audrey...

I have seen Audrey on a couple of brides but it didn't really catch my attention. The moment I put it on though, both fiancé and I were sprung. LOVE is an understatement (trust me, it looks so much better in person than in photos). Fiancé loved it so much he asked me to try it on twice. :)

Next, meet Georgina...

I adore the delicate lace on Georgina but not a big fan of the horizontal stripes on the skirt.

Moving on to Ethel...

When I first showed pictures of Ethel to fiancé, he wasn't a fan. He said it was much too simple, but with the right belt added, it looks amazing! And we both love the voluminous train of organzas on the back.

And this is Fawn...


Fawn is just lovely, delicate, airy, and very fairy-like. The only minor complaint is that fiancé isn't a fan of the bust design. He said it makes me look flat from the side. Men! LOL...

Here is Gemma...

One of my friends really love Gemma so I decided to try it on for her. It's too overwhelming on my petite frame but I'm sure it would look very nice on someone who's taller.

And last but not least, Diana...

Diana is my wild card. I wanted to try on something different and ended up loving it as well. The full, soft organza look is really growing on me.

Overall, Vera Wang was such a wonderful experience. After mulling over price + look + comfort level, I think fiancé and I have decided on the dress. However, I have 2 more appoinments with other bridal stores before making the final decision. I'm leaving my options open 'til then (but my heart is kinda set haha)!

Thank you everyone for reading. Which one is your favorite?

Monday, January 30, 2012

Wedding Dresses: David's Bridal + Monique Lhuillier

Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for your congratulatory wishes on my recent engagement. With a wedding date set (less than 10 months away), I have started to look for my wedding dress. I must say...this is wayyy more fun than all other wedding tasks combined... :D

I have always been drawn to the trumpet/mermaid silhouette so that pretty much stuck in my head. I also had my heart set on alencon lace...so a lace trumpet/mermaid dress was the way to go! Or so I thought...

The above dress belongs to a friend of mine; she got it at David's Bridal a few years back. My first appoinment was at David's Bridal (where I had to wait 30 minutes for my turn). Sighhh...but then it's David's Bridal, I should keep my expectations low. I just wanted to get a feel of the experience, test out different silhouettes to see if what I have in my head actually look good on me.

Here's another lace/beaded trumpet look. But my heart isn't singing.

This fun organza dress is from the Vera Wang White line made exclusively for David's Bridal. Fiancee actually likes poofy dresses. :) I think I'm starting to like organzas too!

They had me try on some other dresses that were hideous...WHY WHY WHY? Disappointed at the selection at David's Bridal, I headed over the Monique Lhuillier in Beverly Hills for our next appoinment. Just a note, they don't let you take pictures here. I forced fiancee to sneak in these pix of me.

The dress on the left is Peony, easily my favorite out of the bunch. The right is a 2-piece corset and skirt. I tried on a bunch more but sorry, no pix. :(

I'm really excited for my next post because I went to Vera Wang this past Saturday and they actually let us take pictures! Stay tuned for more wedding dresses. I might have found the one! ;)
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