Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wedding Dresses: Vera Wang

***UPDATE as of November, 2013: I am now selling my used Vera Wang Fawn for approximately half off retail price; please contact me at underthecasun@gmail.com if interested. I can send more photos and answer any additional questions. My dress is a size 2 but fits like a 0, I am 5'6 with heels, weighs about 105lbs. Thank you!

Hello again and welcome to another wedding dress edition. :) I'm super excited to share this blog post with you because hey, it's Vera freakin' Wang! Without further ado, here are some fabulous dresses that I tried on this past Saturday...

Meet Audrey...

I have seen Audrey on a couple of brides but it didn't really catch my attention. The moment I put it on though, both fiancé and I were sprung. LOVE is an understatement (trust me, it looks so much better in person than in photos). Fiancé loved it so much he asked me to try it on twice. :)

Next, meet Georgina...

I adore the delicate lace on Georgina but not a big fan of the horizontal stripes on the skirt.

Moving on to Ethel...

When I first showed pictures of Ethel to fiancé, he wasn't a fan. He said it was much too simple, but with the right belt added, it looks amazing! And we both love the voluminous train of organzas on the back.

And this is Fawn...


Fawn is just lovely, delicate, airy, and very fairy-like. The only minor complaint is that fiancé isn't a fan of the bust design. He said it makes me look flat from the side. Men! LOL...

Here is Gemma...

One of my friends really love Gemma so I decided to try it on for her. It's too overwhelming on my petite frame but I'm sure it would look very nice on someone who's taller.

And last but not least, Diana...

Diana is my wild card. I wanted to try on something different and ended up loving it as well. The full, soft organza look is really growing on me.

Overall, Vera Wang was such a wonderful experience. After mulling over price + look + comfort level, I think fiancé and I have decided on the dress. However, I have 2 more appoinments with other bridal stores before making the final decision. I'm leaving my options open 'til then (but my heart is kinda set haha)!

Thank you everyone for reading. Which one is your favorite?


  1. My favorite is Ethel with the belt. Second favorite is Audrey.

  2. Diana for sure. The others all look the same, and don't have that "wow" factor like the Diana.

  3. Love Fawn and Diana!!!
    You look great in all of them so I'm sure whichever one you choose would be perfect!


  4. Audrey looks fabulous on you. My second choice would be Ethel. Fawn is gorgeous but it does make you look flat. Diana is not very flattering from the back - I think it is way too full and draws your eyes away from your tiny waist. No matter which one you choose, you will look amazing. Congratulations and Good Luck!!! :)

  5. I like Ethel and Diana :) Beautiful dresses :)


  6. oh wow thank you for these pics. i like ethel on you w/the belt. i love those darn vera wang organza bottoms!

    So here, I noticed you don't mind that your fiance sees your dress. If you can, tell me a little about why you made that decision. Just curious since this topic was covered on Say Yes to the Dress.

  7. omg you totally do not look flat! i'm jealous you are so busty for a petite :P

  8. thank you anon@10:33, anon@10:42, Petite and Hungry, anon@11:57, katattack2000, Aubrey, and Ping for stopping by :) now i'm wavering a little because of your input LOL...

  9. Aubrey, sure, i don't mind answering at all:
    1. asians don't really have the wedding dress "first look" tradition
    2. we were planning to take a few portraits (with me wearing the dress) before our actual wedding day. but that won't happen anyway since it takes 6-8 months to order a VW
    3. it's important that we both love the dress
    4. it's better for fiance to see it, at least if he loves the dress than i can sorta justify the price tag haha
    5. when he sees me walking down the aisle all made-up, it'll look different than when i tried it. i'll have the veil and everything so he'll still be somewhat "surprised" LOL. not really but whatever :P

    Ping: omg i'm not busty at all. i think she SA pulled my dress really tight so that gave me an extra boost :D

  10. Diana is my favourite!

  11. OH my! I can't wait to see which one is your final pick as they're ALL gorgeous! I scrolled down and the Monique Llhulier dresses were just as stunning! Good luck with your decision :)

  12. Oh wow! I love looking at Wedding Dresses! I adore Audrey on you and Ethel. Audrey does have that WOW factor with the gorgeous details. Ethel is a bit more contemporary with the beading and ruffles.

    I love Vera Wang. I wore a Vera Wang dress for my wedding. Memories...

  13. My definite favorite is the Audrey!! :)

  14. Faun looks great!!! But then again all of them looks greAT!!!! HARD decisions for me!!! I really enjoy reading your blog posts!!! If you have a chance please visit/follow my fashion blog. It will mean the world to me if you did. Thank you so much in advance!!!

  15. Aw, they all look amazing! I love Audrey and Fawn!

    Question for you - how visible were the lines on Georgina? I love the lace on that as well - and I've seen pictures of the back and the buttons are so amazing! Just curious!

  16. Hi there,

    Yes, the lace on Georgina is really nice, similar to that of Fawn. The horizontal lines are pretty visible, much more so than what my pix shows. That was the deal breaker for me, the lines!

    Thank you everyone for stopping by and thank you for your kind comments. :)

  17. DIANA. I luuuuuuurrrrve Diana. She is the only dress that I've ever "looked twice" at in comparison to my wedding gown (I wore Amy Michelson's Grace). I think she's is absolutely stunning, pure organza goodness. She's even better with an adorned belt across the waist. The volume in the back is just because of the extra fabric from pinning.

  18. I love the wedding dresses you tried on! Soooooooooo gorgeous!!! Fawn is my personal best pick. I love how the top is so simple.. but the bottom is so elegant!~

    Happy shopping !


  19. although your wedding may have already passed. I'm a die-hard fan of the Diana, but the Ethel looked so stunning on you. It seemed like the one that most flattered your body and looked most elegant. loved the belt with it. I actually have a similar body type as you, so it makes me wonder what kind of shape would fit me in the future--though, I am FARRRRR away from getting married any time soon.

  20. oh similar body size... except I'm not petite... same body structure just taller :) didn't notice until I read some earlier posts about having size 5 feet and you stated "petite"

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  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. I have a question for you...I am wearing the Diana for my 4-4-14 wedding and i just had my first fitting. It doesn't look as "full" on me as it does on you. Were you wearin ga petticoat under the dress? If so, do you know what style of petti coat?

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