Monday, August 27, 2012

Wedding Updates

Hi everyone!

Our wedding is a little under 3 months from now and fiancé and I have gotten quite a few things done! We try to add many personal touches ourselves so DIY is taking on a whole new meaning hehe. I keep thinking of coming here and sharing with y'all...but being the anonymous "blogger" that I am, it's hard to reveal too much. Pretty much everything we do have our names/faces on it so...yah! But here are a few random things I'd like to share...

hair for a photoshoot
getting an early start on tissue pom poms
lots of baskets for ceremony programs etc.
a mock-up of our flowers. can't wait to see the fully finished product!
our wedding invite that we had a big hand in designing

i single-handedly addressed 200 of these babies myself

fiancé painted this for guests to "leaf" their print

a girl's gotta love her tulle
feathers for my fascinator. maybe i'll show the end result in another post :)

a sash that i put together. i have 3 sashes for my wedding dress so i don't know which one i'm using yet LOL

our wedding cake will be a mix of 8 different layers/flavors. yes, i'm a little crazy :D

starting to accumulate stuff for our guest bathroom baskets!

I will try to share more in-progress work as well as some pix when the day comes. But be warned, they will be headless pictures!!! :D


  1. I checked in hoping to see a wedding update, so hooray! Can't believe you hand addressed those envelopes yourself - they look like they were professionally done. Everything is beautiful.

    Did you choose your wedding shoes yet? Just a thing on the Valentinos - I wore them and they were PAINFUL for me. Had to take them off by the end of the night!

  2. aaw is that the waterfall braid? very whimsical.

    i love personal touches such as personal wedding invitation design and hand written addresses. can't believe you did that! dedication.

    yes, show the end result for your feather creation.

    and by "a sash that i put together," do you mean that you DIY'd it? if so, hey, could turn into a lucrative business.


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