Wednesday, March 30, 2011

DIY: Closet Makeover

Hello and welcome to Under the California Sun! :) What better way to start my “fashion” quest than a closet makeover, right?

My overflowing closet has been an eye sore for sometime now. Getting dressed in the morning is a huge struggle. I am a big snoozer…and with whatever limited time I have to get ready, I simply do not have the energy to sort through the mess for a cute outfit. Therefore, I tend to reach for the same boring combination day after day. But all of that will end now (hopefully)! My sweet boyfriend took it upon himself to build a brand new closet for me, all from scratch!

Here is the offender before the makeover. It had two long rods running across the entire length and a couple of storage cubes on the floor…plus other junks behind them. I always told people I was not scared of burglars hiding inside my closet because there was no place to hide! (I guess I should be scared now.)

The boyfriend and I almost got into several arguments because I felt like he was going to make the closet aesthetically better, but then he would compromise on space. In the end, I think he did a wonderful job of making it look better, more functional, and maximizing storage. Can you already tell that I am a hoarder? It is one of my new year’s resolutions to get rid of clutter in my life and I am off to a start. Are you ready to see the after?

I now have separate sections for skirts, pants, shirts, and even some shelves on top for my purses and boxes.

Here is the other side. There are sections for my cocktail dresses, sweaters, jackets, jeans, and other knick knacks. I am very happy with the result; thank you boyfriend! Now…let’s think of another project for you lol.

Ladies, do you think it looks better? What does your closet look like?


  1. Wow! What a great closet makeover and your boyfriend is so nice to create such a nice space for you! It's definitely easier to see everything.

    I only use half my closet space and maybe four dresser drawers...not including shoes. I heavily edited my clothes so I have the essentials of what I wear all the time and everything that I haven't worn in over year got sent away. It's small but I love every piece! =)

  2. It looks so organized now! I wish my bf were as crafty as yours, the end result looks incredible!

    My new years resolution was to de-clutter as well but I am not having much luck abstaining from spontaneous purchases. I guess that's something we can work on together! :D

  3. Hi Jess & Elle, thank you so much for stopping by! :)

    Jess--I bow down to you for keeping your closet space minimal. I still have to streamline my closet but it's so hard to let go. I have given away bags and bags of old clothes but that's not enough de-cluttering yet. :/

    Elle--I actually got pretty good at controlling my spontaneous purchases...but my biggest problem is I can't let go of old stuff. They're just sitting pretty waiting to be worn one of these days *sigh*. Yes, let's be each other's motivation and work on it together hehe...

  4. Hi Sunshine...thank you for stopping by and leaving me your blog link : ) Holy crap, you have two entire walls of closet? It looks great in the after. My closet is about one...tenth? Or less, the size of yours in the photo, and the bf and I always push and shove who gets the few inches of storage space : (

    I saw your post in Kelly's forum...can't wait to see outfits from you in the future and also your first petite fashion challenge : )

  5. Hi Jean! My closet really isn't that big; the two sides only add up to ten feet. When I buy a house, a walk-in closet (or two) is a MUST muahaha. If your closet is as small as you said, where on earth do you keep all your beautiful clothes?

    Thank you for the warm welcome. I have followed the petite community for awhile now and I love that everyone is so friendly and helpful. :)

  6. your closet looks amazing!! it's so nice and organized! i love it. this makes me want to revamp my closet.'s so tiny that there's not much i can do to it! =/

    super cute blog, btw. =)

  7. thank you for the sweet comments :) small closet means you have to be very creative in order to maximize the space. mine really isn't that big either...but putting in all those shelves really help! :)


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