Friday, April 1, 2011

Casual Friday

My company doesn't really have a casual Friday, but once in a while I try to sneak in wearing jeans. The trick is to choose a dark wash because it looks a tad less casual, and of course, a dressy top. I love this romantic top with pleats, crochet details, and big sleeves. (I apologize for the bad quality photos, I realize after taking these photos that the resolution was set really low, therefore I can't zoom in on the details grrrr.)

Wearing BCBG Top XXS, AE Jeggings 00, Nine West Ambitious Pumps Size 5

My biggest weakness is accessorizing. I was debating whether I should add some pearls or perhaps a dainty necklace to complete the outfit. But...I wasn't sure so I ended up with just a big ring on my finger. I was afraid it would look too busy with more jewelry. Please HELP!!!


  1. A dainty necklace, some small dangling earrings, or even some bangles would dress up this outfit if you're looking for accessories. If it's not too warm, a patterned floral scarf would add a great pop of color!

    The top looks beautiful on its own, I would definitely show it off! =)

  2. So sad, my ears are not pierced :( thank you for your advice; I must go jewelry hunting soon! i own zero bangles and maybe one or two bracelets. i hope to add more pieces to my collection in the near future :)

  3. i think a small necklace (like albeit mongram pendant necklace) would be so classy and sweet. or some cute vintage bracelets!


  4. thank you for your advice, yvonne. i think the albeit necklace is a little pricey for me...but i have another monogram necklace at home so i'll pull it out next time hehe :)

  5. I have and love the nude ambitious pumps! Great choice.

    As for accessories, the wrists could definitely use some dressing up - perhaps turquoise, coral or a wooden bangle?

    Echoing the other girls, a dainty necklace would help liven up the outfit without clashing with the gorgeous top... I just bought this and I think it could fit the bill here: .

    Anyway, love the outfit!! Gorgeous top.

  6. Aubrey,

    Thank you so so much for the recommendation; that necklace is very cute! I'm gonna run over to your blog to see if you have worn it yet hehe. Now that I look more closely at the pictures, my wrists are so bare and lonely haha. With all your help, I will learn slowly hehe...


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