Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Trouser Shorts

I never thought I could wear shorts without looking like a total beach bum! Enter these trouser shorts and my life is changed forever. Since acquiring these, I have been on the hunt for more "dress shorts" to add to my summer wardrobe. Although I still prefer skirts/dresses, sometimes the occasion calls for something more comfy and street chic. Dinner date, here I come. :P

Lace Top: Prada, purchased from Ebay
Trouser Shorts: Forever 21 (recent)
Handbag: Louis Vuitton, Suhali leather
Shoes: Badgley Mischka, Olaf booties (buy)
Necklace & Bracelet: Boutique; Ring: Forever 21

To keep the casual but not so casual theme going, I opted for a lace top instead of a t-shirt. This top is one of my favorite purchases from eBay years ago. This blogging thing is really pushing me to reach for much loved but long forgotten pieces in my closet. Take this LV purse for example. It litterally took me months (years?) of savings to bring this beauty home, yet it's been sitting in the dust bag for the longest time. I know, I know...sowwie little pursie, I promise to bring you out to play more often.

I absolutely adore the booties trend and I'm hoping I can incorporate them into more outfits. I wonder if they're work appropriate? What do you think? Will I get called into HR's office for wearing them? :P (I have had some extreme conservative co-workers commented on my shoes before!)

Are you loving the comfy dress shorts? Would you wear them proudly to dinner?


  1. the shorts are lovely :) i feel the same with shorts! Now to get the recipe for the cookies :) xxx

  2. Love your outfit!!
    And I'd totally wear those proudly to dinner :) SO cute!

  3. hm...i dont often like LV purses. i like this one.

  4. You look great! I love the lace top and the bag is so pretty!

  5. Great outfit! I especially love the scalloped hem of the lace top :) As for wearing the booties to work - I don't think it would be an issue as long as you're pairing it with more conservative types of bottoms like knee-length skirts / dresses or pants.

  6. thank you Anne Neville, Courtney B, Piril Maria, AubreyOhDang!, Alexandria, Tiffany, and SewPetiteGal for your nice comments :)

    Aubrey & Tiffany: I will definitely try to use this bag more often then hehe...

    SPG: oooh I never paid much attention to the scalloped hem but now that you mention it, it love it even more!


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