Monday, April 18, 2011

Crisp White Dress

I love dresses. Especially white ones. They are definitely a staple in my wardrobe (must be because I own at least 5 different styles). I think white dresses can exude an innocent yet understatedly sexy vibe at the same time. All I know is, every time I put on a white dress, I feel my day just got a little brighter.

I wanted to bring home this dress with eyelet details the moment I laid eyes on it. And course, I did! (Bf forgot to bring the dsrl camera so my little point-and-shoot doesn't capture the details very clearly grrrr.) Oh it also has an exposed zipper and pockets. I heart dresses with pockets. 

Dress: BCBG 
Clutch: Asos, buy here
Bracelet: Claire's, Ring: Forever 21
Shoes: BCBG

I own several BCBG dresses even though its smallest size is slightly big on me. If I *really* like something, I'll find a way to make it work. For instance, this dress has a boat neck and the wide sleeves kept falling off my shoulders every few minutes. I was tired of adjusting them (but was mostly terrified that others might be seeing a little too much of my goods lol); so I searched my brain for a solution. I bought some elastic crochet/lace trim and hand-sewn it on the back to prevent more slips (see picture below). Voila, no more flashing the world! It's not perfect, but I rarely ever wear my hair up so it's not visible anyway.

I've been quite obsessed with oversized clutches lately. To me, it's a trendy item and I wasn't willing to shell out the cash for something that might not last me for years and years to come. I searched high and low for a clutch...not just any clutch...but a bright yellow one to jazz up my outfits. I was ecstatic when I stumbled upon this cheapie item at Asos for $26.90 + 20% off. I was a bit nervous of the neon yellow shown on the website, but in person, it's more of a mustard yellow which is even better. Yayyy!

Oh random tip if you've ever had yellow armpit stains on your pretty white clothes (yuck huh?): mix a little bit of hydrogen peroxide with a bit of baking soda, rub it on the stained area for a few minutes and wash as usual. I promise it works like a charm! So clever, I tell ya. :P

Happy Monday everyone! :)


  1. That is a very pretty white dress. It has such lovely details on the back....and Im eyeing on that gorgeous clutch

  2. lovely!!! i'm on the hunt for my perfect white summer dress right now. don't know why i didn't think to look at bcbg. they always have really nice, wearable dresses

    that fix you made to the dress is brilliant btw. i also have fit problems with clothes being too big for my petite frame (i'm looking at you j. crew), so i'll have to keep that in mind!

  3. this white dress is AMAZING on you look absolutely stunning!

    as for the louboutin's.. they're VERY painful the first i would say 3 wears.. but after that they're surprisingly comfortable!! i was horrified the first couple of times i wore them.. i was like ' omggggg these are so expensive.. and i don't know if i can keep wearing them.. they're killling me!!! ' ect ect ect. haha.. but they got a lot better haha.

  4. stunning. i love the white and pop of color. you look beautiful. another amazing post. Yesterday I attended a fall/winter 2011/2012 preview in Beverly Hills. Check out the pics on my blog if you get a second. xoxo

  5. Very cute dress, love the whole look!

  6. Thank you, ladies :)

    Pehsun: that clutch is the best $20 i have spent in awhile. go for it! ;)

    Linda: if you know your size or the fit for bcbg, try looking for them on ebay because retail can be a little steep. generally, j crew sizes run really big so i don't even bother with its dresses. hope you find some cute summer dresses soon :)

    Lisa: thank you for the info. if i were you, i don't know if i would even make it to 3 wears haha...

    Fash Blvd: i'll definitely check out your photos :)

    Slayerbabe: welcome and thanks so much! :)

  7. That dress is my FAVORITE! {Swoon}

  8. thank you for the compliments, ladies ;)


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