Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fun Weekend Outfit

My weekend outfits are usually super casual and comfy because I'm pretty low maitenance when it comes to dressing for fun. However, I'm trying to keep in mind that comfy and slouchy do not have to go together. I wore this bright and happy ensemble to run around town this past weekend without breaking a sweat.

Top: J Crew
Skirt + Belt: Forever 21 (buy)
Shoes: Nine West
Clutch: Asos (buy), Ring: H&M

This skirt is so cute for spring/summer wear but it's 50% linen so it wrinkles after a couple of hours. I opted for nude low heels because those high pumps are meant for the office! Although I'm ok at walking in heels, I definitely do not wear them when I know I will be on my feet for more than a few hours. Oh and the cheapie yellow clutch? I'm completely obsessed!

I really wanted to go shopping but no time because I was too busy...eating. So dead serious. Both days. But I guess those are the best days...as long as I don't step on a scale. Time to detox this week so when the weekend comes around, I can be a pig all over again. Boy oh boy, what a fun cycle! :D

Alright, since I didn't get to shop this weekend, time for some online browsing now! Yayyy lol...

Do you like dressing for warmer weather? Because I DO!!!


  1. Love the pink and yellow together!!! I'm just a happier person when the sun is out :O) haha

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  2. Your clutch is soooo beautiful! What a pretty color. It totally goes with the entire outfit.

    I like me some cardigans and cute coats, but really when it comes down to it, I'd rather have 12 months of summer. :)

  3. I love warm weather and I love this outfit! Great mix of colors. You're right, I can't get enough of your yellow clutch either. It makes the perfect statement.

  4. When the weather heats up, it makes it easier to bust out the colorful and fun clothes! The yellow clutch is amazing...it makes everything look so much better.

  5. What a fun outfit to run errands in, I am typically a pretty big mess on weekends. I just love everything about this outfit, from the ruffle top to the tulipy mini and the belt that pulls it together!

  6. This color combo is so lovely, yellow and purple go hand in hand beautifully.

    I dress pretty slouchy on weekend haha, hope to get some inspiration to dress better.

  7. Absolutely love everything about this outfit! I love the tank and the yellow clutch! Want it ALL!!!

  8. Hi Sunshine,

    The burgundy-grey combination is just lovely. But your turmeric yellow clutch is what makes this whole outfit so interesting. Luv it!

    Style N Season

  9. I love purple and yellow together. that clutch is to die for!

  10. thank you ladies :) i guess we all like happy colors hehe...


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