Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Review: Christian Louboutin

I’ve been craving a pair of black patent Simple Pump 85 since I was born! What, you don’t believe me? :D I’ve tried hunting down these “red shoes” (that’s what bf calls them) for almost a year now...but gosh, they are impossible to come by! To date, I have pulled the trigger a total of FOUR times; yet, there have been zero contenders until today…maybe. 

The first three tries: same size, same style, different heel heights
The first pair, Simple Pump 70, fits my foot like a glove but the heel was too low. Let’s admit it ladies, we pay the premium price to see that flash of red sole, so limited view of red sole = no go. The second pair, Simple Pump 85, (couldn’t find patent so I opted for napa leather), was soooooo freaking narrow! To make matters worse, it was also half an inch too big!!! The third pair, Simple Pump 100, fits similar to the first pair. However, when I received these “brand new” shoes, the leather in the back heel was kind of crinkled and it broke my heart to look at them. The store offered me 10% discount but that wasn’t enough for me to keep them. I plan to wear these shoes to work often so the 100mm is a little too high to stand on all day long. I’m just about to give up on these “red shoes” forever. Sike!!! :P

And here is my number four…

Introducing: the Prorata 90mm. When I first saw the Prorata, it didn't really appeal to me because I'm not a big fan of platform. As I look for alternatives to the Simple Pump, it started to grow on me more and more each day...

Prorata also features an almond/round toe, similar to that of Simple Pump. The main differences are: Prorata has a 1/2 inch platform, and the heel is thinner and curvier compared to Simple Pump. Oh yah, it's also more pricey.

Here are some pictures of me wearing these lovelies. They are a tad bit big on me but nothing a couple of heel cushions won't fix. They're very comfortable, dare I say even more comfortable than the Simple Pump!

I love these babies but I'm still on the fence. Ladies, should I keep the Prorata or continue to hunt for my Simple Pump?


  1. Prorata looks comfortable. Though the heels are on the short side, the additional platform adds to the overall height. I would say GO FOR comfort if you are going to do a lot or standing or walking. Love the red soles!

  2. The Prorata looks great but I am a bigger fan of the 100's...then again I believe taller (to a point) is better. But because you plan to wear these to work i think the Prorata's look perfect! Let us know what you decide to do!

  3. i love the prorata's on you!! i totally was thinking about getting the prorata's in navy blue patent.. the great thing about platforms (especially in regards to CL's because his shoes are so painful) is that they def help with walking and standing.. the prorata's are 3 inches right?? but since it has a 1/2 in platform you would essentially be walking in only 2 1/2 inch heels which helps a great deal. just an FYI CL's do stretch a great deal after wear.. so even if the toebox is really really tight in the front it stretches out after like 2 wears!

  4. thanks for all your opinions, ladies :)

    Squeeze the Pug: yes, those red soles are so amazing. i'm debating whether i should put in the half sole to keep it from fading!?

    Elle: i like the 100's too; but this is 90mm so there's not a huge difference. as far as comfort goes, i think they're a good choice for work too :) i'm still yearning for the simple though...maybe i'll get both haha.

    Lisa: awww thanks for your tips! i'm definitely in love with you blue/teal new simples. i think my toebox is slightly wide and most of CL shoes are narrow so they don't go well together. glad to know that they stretch. btw, i did the conversion and 90mm = 3.54 inches.

  5. comfort is so important. with that being said, if the prorata is the same comfort level as the 100, then i say go for the 100. 10mm actually makes more of a difference than it seems. better yet, BUY BOTH! you can never have too many loubies!


  6. Thank you for this review! I haven't picked up Louboutin pumps in a while so hadn't tried on the Prorata - I'm a Declic/Simple gal but will have to give these a whirl. Yours are gorgeous!

  7. Yvonne: ahh yes, buy both ;) one of these days hehe... it took me this long to get my first pair so I don't want to rush into another pair yet. i'll receive a lecture from bf for sure :D

    Featherfactor: thank you :) how is the delic? I try to look for something with a more comfortable toe box so I deter from anything that looks tight & pointy hehe...

  8. Sunshine, I don't know what it is about the Proratas but I feel like it doesn't look as sleek as some of CL's other shoes. Maybe the heel isn't high enough to balance out the platform? I know you said you don't want too high of a platform though.

    When you say keep searching for your simples, what simples are you referring to, since you already tried on all three and had slight issues with each one? I decided to keep my simple 100's for work over the new simples. The 100 mm height is higher than what I'm used to, but I don't think it's pushing it too much for work. Maybe try simple 85 one more time...a different pair? I'm going to tweet this so we can have more opinions to help you decide!

  9. I agree with Jean. The Prorata's look a bit awkward to me. I like the Simple 85s and the 100s. Which one are you more comfortable with? The patent leather is a bit too shiny, but I'd be able to deal with it.

  10. I have the simple 100's in black and LOVE them so I am a bit biased...LOL I vote for the simple 100's!

  11. ladies, thank you for your input :)

    jean: i was referring to the patent 85. i have tried napa 85 but i think the fit is different between regular leather and napa leather. thank you for your offer to tweet, very kind of you <3 i have put my name on the waiting list just in case a pair of patent simple 85 pops up. and great choice for choosing the simple over new simple!

    Little Dust Princess: i agree that the prorata doesn't look as sleek as the simple. that's why i've been hunting for my simple 85 for the longest time!!! :( i actually prefer the patent leather though because I don't have anything like it yet :)

    Annie: is yours simple 85 or 100? i remember in one post you stated that it was 3.5 inches instead of 4? if that's the case then it's 85; 100=4 inches.

    ahhhh i was really leaning towards keeping the prorata but now i'm more confused than ever lol.

  12. I'd personally go with whichever one is the most comfortable walking in. If the platforms are easier, then go with the Prorata. That's what I'd go for, personally.

  13. I think a platform looks better with a higher heel. If you are to go for an 85, I'd keep it -simple-. The simples would look sleeker and considering they are your HG, I'd wait 'til they pop up. :)

  14. Thank you, Cynthia & J. I have decided to keep the Prorata's because they're so comfy! But that doesn't mean I've given up on my Simple pumps so watch out ;) They're really hard to come by in my size which is good because I don't need to spend more $$ right now :P

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  16. hello there! i'm not sure if you're still checking your blog or not but i was interested in getting a pair of the proratas and wanted your opinion on sizing. did you order your typical size or did you size up/down? thanks!


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