Monday, July 25, 2011

A Foodie Birthday Weekend

Me, my sidekick and bf's dog

It was my birthday recently (another Cancer in the house!) and boyfriend spoiled me with food food and more food. When he said that I could eat to my satisfaction all weekend, I litterally started mapping out all the places I wanted to hit up haha...

At first, I put on a cute little dress but was wise enough to change into this "pregnant lady" dress in order to accommodate all the eatings. By the way, I saw the black version of this H&M purse in Lucky magazine and loved it...but after seeing the cognac version on Jean, I am sold! This girl is the shopping guru! ;)

Birthday flowers from mi man. ;)

When I saw this cake, I was like "holy, you're creative!" He filled the basket with my favorite tropical fruits and put the cake on top! Oh heck yesssss!!! <3

He took me to my favorite restaurant, Crustacean. We indulged in lobster with garlic noodles, roasted crab with garlic noodles, and grilled lamb chops. Everything was oh-so-amazing!!! *drools* I want more...

From top left going clockwise:
1. My leftover lunch from Crustacean. Ok I must admit that I'm a food addict; all I thought about that morning was "is it lunch time yet?" haha. I wanted to get to my garlic noodles!
2. Ice cream crepe from Harajaku Crepe. Green tea batter, vanilla bean ice cream, nutella, strawberry, blueberry, whipped cream, almond. Uhhh need I say more?
3. Goodies from 85 degrees. My fav is the marble taro.
4. Look at this gigantic basket of tropical fruits that bf got me. How can I not love him? :D

1. Fresh oysters for bf. I refuse to touch this stuff.
2. Crawfish at Boiling Crab. My weakness can be summed up in 3 words: lobster, crab, and crawfish. Done.
3. We went to OC Fair for the first time and had more food. This is pork ribs with all the fixin' + blue moon beer.
4. Fried avocado and fried twinkies. We wanted to try other crazy fried food but were soooo full. Sucks man :/

We went fishing at night and caught 4 catfish. More like bf fishing while I slept in the tent. :P There were lots more foodies but I forgot to take pix. :( When you put food in front of me, it's hard to think about anything else, ya know? :D

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. 1. Happy Birthday!
    2. Cute haircut!
    3. Food looks delish (as always)
    4. Aw, the OC Fair...their fried oreos are my favorite. I also used to work @ the gyros stand. ;D
    5. Love your niece's little shoes. Adorable.

  2. Wow! Such the *EPIC* birthday weekend! Good thing you were dressed to accommodate for it all! =P The pictures literally had me drooling, especially the seafood! That was so creative and sweet of your man to put all that effort into your birthday cake! :) Happpy Birthday!!

  3. Happy happy (belated) birthday, Sunshine!

    Nom nom nom... ALL THE FOOD LOOKS SO GOOD. Seafood + pasta is probably my all-time favorite combination. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Happy belated bday! Everything looks so yummy! xo

  5. Happy belated birthday! Holy moly the food looks good! Lobster and crab over garlic noodles? Lamb chops? You're a girl after my own food-loving heart. Where in SoCal do you live? I was so bummed that the Boiling Crab closed so early the last time I was in LA as I'm dying to try the crawfish and shrimp.

    And oh, I'm so glad you like the cognac bag! I didn't even know it came in black (not at my local store, anyways). Mine's getting a lot of wear : )

  6. Awe Happy belated b-day!!! I would kill for some of that food!!!

    I love the color of that dress- so pretty!!!

  7. QFFS: omg thanks for noticing the haircut; I have completely forgotten about it :D

    LPL: thank you for the birthday wishes. it was definitely a very *full* birthday!

    Cee: thanks Cee. yep seafood & pasta, hard to go wrong! i really want to replicate the garlic noodles at home but haven't figured it out yet :/

  8. FHF: thank you so much for the wishes :)

    PAG: i live around the LA area :) awww that's too bad you missed out on BC, i love it!!! there are 4 BC in SoCal but they're always super packed. best bet it to come at opening time :)

    RP: thank you :) i definitely live to eat :P

  9. Happy belated birthday! Woah all that food looks AMAZING!! LOL I love that you picked your outfit based on how it would accomodate food - I do the same thing!!!!

  10. What a delicious looking weekend! Everything looks great - the seafood looks YUM. :)

  11. happy be-lated my dear!! hahah i think we are quite similar.. because when the hubs asked me what i wanted to do for my birthday.. if i wanted to go away or take a mini trip i said 'umm.. i just want to eat' he was like ' that's it? ' and i was like ' ummm.. lemme get back to you ' and then i sat down and made a list of like 10 places that i want to eat at HAHAHA. i can't wait!! i even planned out outfits so that i would be wearing a maxi on sunday because my gut will fo sho be hanging out hahaha.


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