Friday, July 15, 2011

Jamaican Sun

Hello lovelies,

Boyfriend and I were in Jamaica last week soaking up some sun! Not that we don't have enough sun and beaches in CA, but it's always nice to take a break to nourish the soul. This was probably our most relaxing vacation yet...

From top left going clockwise:

1. Iberostar Grand all-inclusive resort in Montego Bay
2. one of the nicest/biggest rooms we've stayed at
3. fully stocked fridge but we don't really drink boohoo :'(
4. from the reading chaise looking out to our private patio (omg there's a swing!!!)

I feel like the little Mermaid in this dress hehehe....

Overlooking all of Montego Bay...

1. we took a safari jeep tour to explore Jamaican rainforest
2. haunted tree. it was used to hang slaves back in the days so there are supposedly lots of haunted spirits around there *shudders*
3. waterfall & lush rainforest
4. what used to be a slave hospital but now it's an Anglican church

Nooooo don't jumpppppp!!! :P

Some stuff we ate...
1. starter course with potatoes/tomatoes and some other goodies that i forgot
2. lobster salad with tomato sherbet
3. our midnight room service snack complete with mimosas and ice cream lol...
4. candied salmon

1. lobster thermidor
2. surf and turf
3. phyllo dough filled with vanilla cream
4. saint honore. gosh these desserts were to die for!!!

Boyfriend's choice of morning exercise: karate chops!!!

My choice of morning exercise: playing in the water??? LOL...

Life's a beach... ;) Hope you enjoy travelling along with us to Jamaica! <3 Yeah mon!!!!


  1. What a beautiful sprerad of photos! And your bf looks like a superhero! I wish I could do that! :) Kiki

  2. How fun, I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE the photos! Who took the coupley shots of you guys? If you did it with a tripod+self timer (or remote) I am soo impressed!

  3. 1. Wow, your boyfriend caught major air! Inspiring.
    2. Loved your outfits (esp the one w/ the dress and sneakers ;D)
    3. Food looks delicious
    4. Jamaica looks amazing
    5. Thanks for the captions (I got chills when reading about the haunted tree)

  4. kiki: thank you for stopping by. you should try it; you might even jump higher than bf can hehe ;)

    Steph: thank you <3

    Elle: couple shots were done with the tripod. if it's a close up then we use remote, far away then self time + fast running haha. credit to bf ;)

    QFFS: bf will love reading your comment :P he corrected me and said it's a dragon flying kick or something, not karate chops haha. oh and the dress with sneakers...i was debating whether i should wear my flats/flip flops but i'm so glad i didn't! when we got to the waterfall, it was rocky and slippery, i would have died if i didn't have on my chucks hehe :)

  5. I love how flow-y and light the first dress was! It was perfect for the occasion! The close-up of your foot made me chuckle, I dunno why! It wasn't a bad chuckling though! =P Also, is that a six pack I see on your man?? DANG!!! ^_~ Loved your pink swim suit as well! So girly! :D Looks like you two had fun! I wouldn't mind going there one day since I'm more of a tropical gal myself. Can never have too much sunshine!

  6. Beautiful, beautiful pics! THanks for sharing. I think another blogger (iamstylish?) shared Jamaica pics recently too and these really make me want to visit for the first time.

  7. Wow such gorgeous vacation photos! I really want to go to Montego now....your photos are amazing. I love that first "mermaid" dress on you!

  8. wow gorgeous photos!! I went to Iberostar beach hotel. Isn't it awesome there? Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Ahh! Loved all your pictures! So many great scenery shots and pretty outfits. I'm so glad you enjoyed your vacay. Welcome back to the real world ;)

  10. Oh my goodness, what fun pictures! Really makes me wish I was on vacation too! Looks like you had a great time!

  11. LPLemon: ohhh all i can say is, you are bf's fav commenter thus far haha...

    PAG: yes, definitely put jamaica on your to-visit list. it's beyond relaxing there :)

    Katherine: thank you hehe. i've had that dress for years and i was so happy to finally pull it out of the closet!

  12. Theresa: oh you stayed at the beach hotel? when we were at the grand, we were also allowed access to the suites and beach so we ventured there a couple of nights to check things out. don't you just love the super friendly staff? :)

    Cee: thank you dearest Cee. ahhh the real world...

    Becky: thank you. i love travelling and i wish i had more time/money to do it often hehe.

  13. OMGOSH your pink gingham bathing suit is TO DIE FOR CUTE! the ruffles and the cut out are so adorbs!!

    great pics hon!! that food LOOKS SO NOMMY!!!!

  14. Ahhh absolutely gorgeous pictures! We were in Jamaica in November - how did you manage to get such great pictures of the TWO of you? Everytime we go on vacation there's either pictures of just me or just my husband - unless we find a place to prop the camera up and use the self timer :P

  15. Elaine: you should invest in a tripod; it does wonders :)


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