Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bold Prints

If I were to walk into a store and see this skirt, I would never pick it up in a million years. My brain wouldn't even register it because it's that far off my radar. But here I am with a very bold printed skirt in my possession...

Top: J Crew
Skirt: Mango
Purse: Chanel
Shoes: Coach
Belt: Via Spiga
Necklace: Amrita Singh
Ring: Forever 21

A couple of years ago, my sister got a job at Mango so (of course) I asked her to buy me some stuff. Although her taste is much different than mine, I kept most of the pieces she picked out for me. Wearing this skirt today makes me think of her very first day of work. Seriously, it was like having your child sent off to her first day of kindergarten. At the time, Mango required its employees to dress all in black from head to toe. My sister didn't have any comfortable shoes so she borrowed my cheap Payless flats and somehow managed to stand on her feet for 8 hours straight. When she came home, bubble blisters have formed all over her feet and they were raw from pain. I wanted to cry. How I wish I knew about AGL flats back then. :'(

On a happier note, look who wanted to get in on some of the photography actions today! Meet boyfriend's dog, Milol. I prefer him more furry but this is how he looks like after a furcut lol.

I don't buy your puppy face at all! :P

Are you afraid of bold prints as much as I am? 
Do I look like a walking graffiti wall? :P


  1. Cute doggie! We just gave my dog Wally a haircut and he looks just like yours! ^^

    I lovee your Chanel bag!

  2. I'm not generally a huge fan of prints, but I find that I'm mixing them more into regular rotation. What's great about prints is that they add a lot of interest (and often color) to an outfit.

    I like the print on your skirt and your shoes, too! Also, how awesome that your sister worked/works at Mango.

  3. The skirt is perfect and I like how you paired it with the lace top and a pop of pink. Still girly!

  4. I don't think you can ever look like a walking graffiti ;) Great pairing of the bold print skirt with other plain (but not boring!) colors. That shade of Amrita Singh pink is so, so gorgeous. I already have plenty of AS jewelry, and may have to exert my willpower on this one and live vicariously through you!

  5. Cute outfit!!! I love the mango skirt and OMG your Chanel is to die for. Especially in that colour! Super classy :)

  6. You look amazing! I love bold prints when off set with something more neutral - exactly what you did! And I love your accessories!

  7. Lovely outfit and accessories. Bold prints are fun but intimidating in a way because not all prints look good on me, so I try to avoid them. You did a great job pairing it with everything.

  8. I love your outfit! Your bag is so cute and I love the color it's in! :)

  9. omg... your pursue... i know its chanel but i have been coveting this bag for so long now. i am almost close to saving enough money so i can buy it. can not wait.

  10. thank you ladies for your kind comments :) i'm glad to know that i don't look crazy with the bold prints hehe :P

  11. This is adorable! Loving the color scheme.


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