Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spring Trench

The weather's been extremely cuckoo lately. One minute it's scorching hot, the next it's cold and rainy blehhh. LA's mild weather is long gone and Mother Nature is throwing me all off with her PMS! To cope with her moodiness, I raided my closet and brought out this spring trench to add some sunshine to a gloomy day.

Coat: Forever 21
Top: Ann Taylor
Pants: Gap Slim Crop Pants 
Shoes: Ann Taylor
Belt: Ann Taylor
Purse: Chanel
Jewelry: all Amrita Singh (obsessed much?)

See that picture up there? That's a very attractive photo of me covering my mouth and sneezing like crazy. I am extremely sensitive to "coldness" so even a slight breeze will send me into a sneezing frenzy. My body reacts so quickly; it's probably more accurate to rely on me to predict the weather than all those fancy equipments like doppler forecasts lol.

I saw these cropped pants online and was drawn to the clean and sleek silhouette. But I'm not big on the cropped look so I opted for regular sizing for that extra length. I wanted "cigarette leg" pants but didn't quite achieve it with these. The leg opening is a little wide for my taste. I would like it more if it were slimmer and more tapered.

These pants are super comfy but what's up with the bunching? Ughhhh! Are they keepers or not?

Close up look of the shirt and necklace. A girl in my class wore a similar shirt while doing a presentation and I was definitely paying more attention to her shirt rather than what she had to say lol. I was too shy to ask where she got it when I saw this shirt at Ann Taylor, I just had to have it!

Warm weather, please come out and play! <3


  1. I actually love these pants on you. I think the length is perfect and it is indeed very sleek and sophisticated... That top is also gorgeous! The ruffle details are wonderful.

  2. I also think those pants look great on you :) The whole outfit is well composed and I love the ruffley top!

  3. The pants look great on you! Or at least that's how it would wear on me too. Try other brands and see if they all bunch up similarly. Ah what do I know...LOL!

  4. Forgot to add...I get the sniffles too when there's a chill. We're walking weather vanes!

  5. Wow, I love that coat! So unique!

    As for the pants, I think they look great on you, cut I can picture the look you were going for. If you're not completely happy I say keep looking for something else.

  6. hurricanekerrie: thank you for stopping by, i really like the ruffles too :)

    Becky: i think i'm keeping the pants now hehe...

    Canadianpetite: oh i'm glad to know i'm not the only one that reacts to weather changes hehe. i get the sniffles every morning too. and my sneezes comes in 10s and SUPER loud so it can be quite embarrassing. i tell people they don't have to say "bless you" every single time because it could take a while lol.

    Elaine: thank you, Elaine :) since the pants are so comfy, i think i'll probably keep them. but i'll keep looking haha...

  7. i think these pants look great on you and the length is perfect!! i don't think the bunching is that bad (inevitable with pants, i think) and you should definitely keep!

    cute & little

  8. thanks, kileen :) you're right, i think most fitted pants will have those bunchings so i shouldn't be too pick huh? :P

  9. jaleous of your bag .:-)...

    have you seen my latest post?

  10. LUST after your bag!!!! I love how you feature it a lot! =D Awesome trench coat! The pattern is so unique!

  11. I love your spring trench so much! The pop of color definitely brightens up a dreary day!

    Also, I think you look very nice in those pants - the length and silhouette fit you beautifully!

  12. You look terrific, I love your trench (it's so fun!!!)

  13. These pants are definitely a keeper, they look great on you and make your legs look so long and lean. The bunching is not very noticeable because your bag and a coat will distract that :) I am obsessed with your bag, simply beautiful.

  14. thank you soo soooo much for your input, lovely ladies :)

  15. OMg. I love this outfit. It looks so perfect.


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