Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Girly Girl

I've always been a girly girl but I didn't know just how girly. That is until I looked at my blog photos and shockingly exclaimed to the bf "omigosh my outfits are so freakin' girly!" His response was a sound "DUH!" lol. My closet really holds a ton of ruffles, chiffons, laces and the likes.'s another one for ya. :D

Top: Bebe
Skirt: Forever 21 (buy)
Blazer: H&M
Shoes: Naturalizer
Purse: Chanel
Belt: J. Crew
Bangles: H&M; Ring: Forever 21

A lace skirt is rather difficult to style because on its own, it's a busy design. The safest bet would be to wear a plain shirt tucked in, or a cropped top would also be cute. Against my better judgment, I tried something new and paired it with a floral top, untucked. *gasp* That's pretty much all the fashion "risks" I can take in one day lol. Although I like the cheery floral top, the bf mentioned that the untucked part makes me look short and frumpy. I think he's actually right. *gasp again* Better luck next time, I guess.

Now, a bit about blogging and personal style. Blogging is hard. I already knew that before I started; that's why it took me so long to finally get here. Honestly, the thought of deleting this blog and going back to being an anonymous reader crosses my mind at least once a week. I truly, truly admire all the ladies who have done it for months, years and always manage to bring us readers so many fun, informative posts and inspire us to look our best every day. THANK YOU!

I am not a fashion blogger; I am a blogger who likes fashion. I know my style, what I like and I rarely stray afar... To sum it up, I'm pretty boring. Not to say that I don't like my clothes--I LOVE my clothes--but I think I'm too safe. That's the main reason why I started this blog, to push myself...and I hope that once in a while, I will take some risks (probably very calculated risks but better than nothing lol). And when I do, there will probably be as many (or more) failures as there will be successes. But live and learn, right? Fashion is fun, who needs to be so serious all the time?

I'm still trying to figure out where to go with this little blog. I know its main focus will be on clothing...but once in a while I will sneak in a post about other stuff. I love food; I love to travel; I love to read; I love to you might see bits and pieces of me here and there. But one thing remains: I will blog anonymously lol.

Close up of the lace & crochet... Not sure if I like this skirt or not. :/

That's more than enough ranting for today. Please note that I am not complaining; it's just a little self-reflection. ;) Once again, thank you to all the bloggers out there, especially petite bloggers who have inspired me so much.

...And thank you for reading. :) Cheers! <3


  1. Gosh I love this skirt! And Yes blogging IS hard work!!! But I think you're doing a fabulous job. It's your blog so you can blog about whatever you want. You'll probably get a sense of what your readers like by comments and stuff. But just do what feels right for you!

    (Drooling over your purse by the way!)

  2. I feel ya girl I feel ya!!! Im not a fashion blogging by any means I just like to shop when people ask me what kind of blog I have I tell them it's a lifestyle blog.. But that that might still be giving it too much credit hahahahah.. I just like to blog about what's going on in my life!

    Im uber girly too. I love everything lace, ruffles, blow, sequins anything feminine and girly!! Your lace skirt is to die for I'm so going to buy that!!

    What part of Cali are you in.. SoCal?? Pretty much all neiman Marcus has a restaurant .. You should check with your local store.. And the ones I've been to all have the lobster club :) but if you do come to sf I would def recommend reservations it gets really busy.. During the weekday all the ladies who lunch eat there and then on the weekend it's everyone else! The sf has both a cafe and restaurant.. These pictures were at the restaurant :)

  3. The Queen lashes are in #34 :D I hope that was helpful! Thank you for the sweet comment ^^

  4. I can relate to being a girly girl. :) I mean, I think you are miles more feminine than I am seeing as I can probably pass for a (cross-dressing) boy on most days.

    Still can't get enough of your beige flap. sigh.

  5. Sunshine, if you didn't have a closet full of girly clothes, your Chanel(s) would feel left out! haha. I'm glad you wrote this post, because I feel exactly the same way. I just like clothes, but I'm certainly no fashionista, so it's all about having fun and trying out new things for me. Oh, and being critiqued is great, online and in real life -- your bf is a keeper! Mine has nothing to offer besides something looks good or bad; he can't really explain it lol.

  6. Elaine: thank you for your encouragement :) yes, i will post some random stuff once in a while hehe...

    Lisa: yes, i'm in socal. i shop online 95% of the time so i rarely step inside a mall. but i just looked up the NM close to my house and it does have a cafe. i hope it has the lobster club! btw, your blog is fab! i would stop by every day just to look at your food + chanel pix :P

    Steph: thanks so much for your recommendation. i'll google/ebay it later :)

    Elle: you are crazy! there's absolutely no boyishness in you. me, on the other hand... although i dress very girly, my shape is very boyish *sigh* i have no waist & hips :(

    Cee: thank you, Cee! oh gosh i only have 3 chanels so it's really nothing. i used to buy LV when i was younger...the chanel obsession only started a few years ago and i can't afford much. i'm poor lol :P i agree about the critiques and i welcome long as it's not the "slap in your face" critiques haha.

  7. I am a big fan of girly girl look/clothes and there is absolutely nothing wrong with "playing safe" when it comes to your clothes. I am pretty boring too because I do not buy or wear a lot of colorful/trendy pieces. Blogsphere sure is a fun place to inspire and be inspired. I am not a fashion blogger and I know nothing about fashion too :)

  8. love your purse and your skirt!

  9. love your beige chanel bag! and yeah I am a huge fan of laces too, your skirt looks lovely!

    great blog, I'm a new follower :)

  10. Nelah: you're right, there's nothing wrong with playing it safe. that's when we feel most comfortable anyway :) even if i follow trends, i would only follow trends that i can pull off effortlessly hehe. nothing crazy for this girl! thanks for stopping by :)

    Petite and Hungry: thank you so much. i'm glad you like the skirt...i wasn't sure if the lace is too "grandma."

    Pop Champage: thank you :) i really like your blog too. always give me a good laugh at our pop icons ;)

  11. I love your style and really love the pattern of this skirt! Sometimes the lace pattern is all too blah but lately I've been seeing some truly beautiful ones (this being one of them). Definitely incorporate any aspect of life you'd like to share in your blog - makes it more enriching for both you and your readers! :)

  12. You're in luck since that's the trend right now. I'm on a mission to add more girly items to my closet since I have always stayed away from them. Tends to happen when you're so petite that girly clothes make you look even more girlish but you managed to make yours look feminine.

  13. ahhh blogger ate some of the comments & my replies :(

    Under the California Sun

  14. thank you SPG, i'll try to branch out in other aspects as well ;)

    SS - i think shoes play a big part in taking an outfit from girlish to a more mature feminine. if i were to wear flip flops, i'll look about 18 right away :P

  15. I love the way you put it - I'm not a fashion blogger, I'm a blogger who likes fashion. I feel you exactly. And omg, isn't this blazer amazing? I thought I wore the tomato red one a lot but this navy textured one is going to be worn to pieces, literally. The cropped length and deep V neckline is so perfect for petite gals. Oh, and your beige gold Chanel again....dies....

  16. Thanks for reading, Jean :) I loveee this blazer and I've been wearing it with everything! I'm picky when it comes to blazers because I don't like them too "formal" and this one is perfect for both work and play.


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