Thursday, May 5, 2011

Under the Tuscan Sun

When I saw Kelly's post earlier today, I squealed with delight because our subconscious must be talking to each other! I have planned an "Under the Tuscan Sun" post for sometime now, and I was so excited to see her take a fashion cue from a movie featuring one of my favorite cities. Although I haven't seen the movie, I've been to Siena, Tuscany and it was beautiful beyond imagination. It has the quaint, small-town, historic, peaceful, rustic feel that one can only find in the European countryside. I was in love...

(I purposely made the resolution of  this pix very low so
you won't be able to see my face clearly lol.)
Dress: BCBG
Sweater (below): American Eagle
Sandals: Target

I have dreamed of traveling to Europe after college graduation but it didn't happen because no money at the time. So when I went back to school, I was determined to make it happen this time around. Last year, right after my graduation (litterally right after--we left that same afternoon), my boyfriend and I went on a 2-week trip to Europe. We visited London, Paris, Venice, Siena (Tuscany), and Rome. As you may have guessed, Siena was our favorite destination.

When Kelly mentioned the "fanny pack" and "frumpy American," I LOL'ed. :D I'm so glad I wasn't one of those tourists haha. I learned to pack light for every trip: a couple pair of jeans, tops, some sunny breezy dresses, and these comfy sandals that took me everywhere. I'm wearing one of my favorite dresses ever. Alexis Bledel wore this same one in "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants," so I told bf that I wanted to go to Greece and sit on a donkey while wearing this dress, just like she did! Unfortunately, Greece was a little out of the way...but one day, one day I will.

1. piazza del Campo
2. duomo (Siena cathedral)
3. picturesque houses

Everywhere we turned was a picture-perfect spot. None of the photos in this post requires editing; everything is left as is. Boyfriend really has an eye for photography huh? ;)

1. shopping for dried herbs & spices
2. broken wooden door
3. old man smiling at us. Love the outdoor laundry haha
4. walking to St. Catherine's Sanctuary

1. clams linguine--omigosh soooooooooo delicious, the I-want-another-plate kind of delicious!!!
2. bf is a carnivore--HUMONGOUS & RARE piece of steak florentine
3. more yummy food: pork chops, potato frites, rigatoni
4. gelato! ahhhh gelato! Venice & Siena have the best gelato; we seriously had gelato for breakfast.

bf doesn't love me lol...

sunset over Tuscany

If you like quaint & historic towns, Tuscany is definitely worth a visit. Most of its cities are very small but full of character. Bf & I agreed that next time we're in Europe, we'll travel all through Tuscany. (Well, we have to stop by Greece too. :P)

I think I'll dub all my travel series "Under the ______ Sun." So I guess the next one is "Under the San Francisco Sun" because we're heading there in a few weeks lol. I hope you enjoyed these pictures. :) I want to go back pronto!


  1. I don't get to travel much (ok, it's not for lack of opportunity, but more like sheer laziness), so I love living vicariously through others! THANK YOU for sharing these gorgeous, gorgeous pictures. Really, I'm going to add Tuscany to my to-visit list (which is slowly accumulating fast).

    The BCBG dress you have on? I know it's old, but I remember the first time I saw Summer on The O.C. wearing it (am I showing my age yet?!) and couldn't believe the prices they were going for on eBay. Sadly I never got my hands on it, but you look beautiful!

  2. I love your travel pics! It's like a dream! Like you're on a movie set in those movies you mentioned! I'm just wondering how come the pictures look so people-less? (like where's all the annoying touristy bystanders that we normally see in travel pics, haha) Ah the food looks amazing! Makes me want to travel there too!

  3. hi Cee,
    I LOVE traveling but never had the chance to do it before. Now my bf and I make it a priority to travel at least a couple of times a year before other stuff *like family and babies* tie us down haha. I don't watch the OC but I remember when it was worries, I think I'm older than you lol.

    Olyvia: thank you :) Tuscany is like a dream! Siena is a small town plus we traveled in May so it wasn't populated with tourists yet. We kinda got lost and found these back roads with the beautiful scenery you see here. lucky us :) but if you're on the main streets, for sure you'll see lots of people :P

  4. Beautiful!!! Your "Under the Tuscan Sun" totally out-did my little backyard romp in a white dress...LOL. Now I REALLY want to go! Thank you so much for sharing these gorgeous pics :)

  5. thank you, kelly! yes, you must visit tuscany and make sure you traipse around in that exact white dress too! you conjured up the tuscany spirit perfectly. now i have to watch that movie :)

  6. Nice blog dear!
    im following via google friend. Hope you do the same :)

  7. First of all, you are adorable! Second, I am so envious! I have always wanted to tour around in Tuscany and the rest of Europe- It looks so unbelievably gorgeous! :) Love your blog!

    xo Lynzy

  8. wow the scene is beautiful and I love your dress! gosh, I'd love to visit there one day

  9. oh my goodness these pics are absolutely amazing! I am yet to go to Tuscany and this is just making me want to go even more! Everything looks so picturesque. Hope you have a beautiful weekend! xo

  10. You are adorable.


  11. I love your travel pics!! You are so cute. I'm jealous you've been to Europe.

  12. wow, it's always been a dream of mine to visit tuscany. you should see the movie, it's really good and the sights are beautiful :)

  13. You look lovely! And you and your bf are adorable :) Thank you for your kind comments - I'm just a boring grad student there...<3

  14. ahh so jealous! i'd love to be able to go to Europe ones of these days. Looks like you had a lot of fun!

  15. Those are seriously BEAUTIFUL photos - so very picturesque! I especially love the one of you with your BF - adorable!

  16. thank you so much, ladies :) i'm really glad you enjoyed the pictures. i wasn't sure if i should post traveling pix here but will do more from now on <3


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