Friday, May 27, 2011

Unleashing the Animal(s)

If you bump into me on the streets during non-business hours, this is me. Very casually dressed and kinda young for my age. :/ Although I'm no grandma, I am in my late twenties and sometimes I question whether my look is age-appropriate. The problem is...I feel if I were to dress any older, I wouldn't feel like myself. *Sigh* the dilemma!

Top: H&M
Jacket: Forever 21
Jeggings: American Eagle
Shoes: Coach
Handbag: Louis Vuitton (Special Edition)
Belt: Via Spiga
Necklace: Boutique; Ring & Bracelet: Amrita Singh

Speaking of dressing "youthfully," Reese Witherspoon is one actress that can pull off the younger look without coming off childish. A lot of her casual clothes can be seen on people a decade or two younger, but she wears them so well! With that silver lining in mind, I hope I don't look too foolish either. :D

Funny story about this jacket. It costs about $20 but it's one of bf's favorite jackets. When I visited a convent last month (yes I did say convent lol), I absentmindedly left it behind. One of the sisters called to let me know but I was already home. I sadly thought...gosh...there goes my jacket! Chances of me going back there are very slim unless I decide to become a nun in the near future lol. So, being the sweet bf that he is, he volunteered to go get it for me. Imagine the sisters' surprise when a *male* showed up at their front door! They were so confused and kept asking him if he got the right address haha. But here I am, reunited with my Forever 21 jacket lol. Thank you, bf! <3

Ok, another story about this purse haha. I'm full of anecdotes (or something) today. I'm not a fan of the crossbody look, but I desperately needed one for traveling. My traveling bag has to be lightweight, small, but enough to hold the essentials. During the Bloomingdale's 20% off with new card purchase, I went out and got a WOC. To my disappointment, it was much much too small. I can barely snap it shut after putting in an iPhone + small camera. So back it went. In retrospect, I should have gotten a Chanel mini! Why didn't I think of that arghhhhh?!?!!

I have this little pochette in my possession for a long time now. Best friend convinced me to get the special edition instead of the regular monogram. I didn't like it at first but I do now because the panda is so cute and unique. I love LV leather for its durability. It can take a good beating and still looks great so it's probably better for traveling anyway. I took the long straps from another LV and attached to the pochette and there you have it! Still want my Chanel mini though lol.

My wild side... ;)

Such a flattering picture of me running *sigh*. Delusional bf would like to think that I'm running into his arms, but I just wanted to avoid getting hit by the fast approaching car lol.

Wishing you all a wonderful, long weekend!


  1. LOL re: the running picture. Love the jacket and all the accessories.

  2. i really like your jacket and the red belt! very cute outfit!

  3. jeggings are nice. like the color. wonder what back pocket looks like.

  4. I like your outfit :) Especially the leopard print top! Super cute :) Have a good weekend!

  5. I think you have a great outfit going on. The only "youthful" parts about it are the pink belt, the hood, and the panda on the LV. But those are really minor details and I think it gives you personality.

    I struggle between looking like I'm in high school and looking like I'm 30. But I guess it goes with the territory and we all have to make do with what we have. =)

  6. M.: haha i'm glad you enjoy seeing me making a fool out of myself :P

    Petite & Hungry: my bf will be happy to hear that you like the jacket too :)

    Aubrey: if you'd like, leave me your email and i'll send you a pix of the back pocket. it's pretty simple, which i like.

    Becky: i usually stay away from animal prints because they're kinda bold for me. this is my only animal print top! :) thank you, so glad you like it.

    Jess: you're right, the panda makes it very "youthful." that's why i can only pair it with casual outfits. who knew getting dressed is so hard, right? :)

  7. Hehehehe. You should expand on the story of why you were at a convent to begin with! ^_~

    I think you should be allowed to dress "funner" during your non-work hours, and this might or might not include items that could make you appear younger. :) Younger does not automatically mean less mature either. Just wear what you like and enjoy that you can pull off the younger looks while you still can! (Though I'm sure you have many more years of looking young = BLESSING in disguise when you're in your 40's!) =P

  8. LOL @ the last paragraph. I like your stories behind your items, so please keep them coming!

    I agree, Reese Witherspoon does a superb job of dressing younger, but not too young. Her kids are probably keeping her young at heart :) I think if you start to feel like you're dressing too "mature", stick in a couple younger-looking items, and vice versa.

  9. haha ms. lemon :D i'm a youth leader at church and we wanted the girls to see what else is out there besides having bfs and getting married. it's too late for me but not too late for them! haha jk...we just visited the sisters to understand more about their lives. you never know, one of the girls might be in there someday ;)

    yes, i'm extremely thankful for my youthful looks, no complaints here hehe. but sometimes i see people my age dress/act SO old that i i weird or are they weird? LOL!

  10. Thank you, Cee. I'll try my best ;) I hope readers will help me out if they see me go too off-track. Pull me back into reality and tell me to stop thinking I'm still in HS! haha.

    hope you and the mister have a wonderful weekend :)

  11. I don't think you dress too young! I totally agree with you about Reese Witherspoon, she's one of my favorite actresses AND a fellow petite ;)

    You look great, I enjoy your stories as well :) Have a great weekend!

  12. Nice casual outfit. I love the pink belt! I have this same problem... and a lot of times, I probably do dress young. But you know what? I feel youthful so I'm not going to start donning matronly clothes just for the sake of "dressing my age." Maybe I don't want people to know my real age haaha

  13. Thanks so much, Elaine! I love Reese too, she just seems so grounded and we don't see very many actresses like that. :)

    Ahhh Kerrie, yayyy I have you on my side! Let's continue being young then haha. I wonder if "Forever 21" is really meant as such. I'll be wearing their clothes till i'm 40! :D

  14. I love Reese Witherspoon! I'm so glad you mentioned her in this post. Her style is phenomenal. Your outfit is so cute!

  15. great outfit ! I like the LV bag !

    have you seen my new post ?

  16. Love the animal print + pink belt + pochette! It all goes together so nicely!

  17. omgosh girl, late twenties is not old!! but i get what you mean about questioning if you're too old to wear this and that-i do exactly the same!! but hey, its fashion-if you love it then wear it!! and you look wonderful!! love your blouse and your bag <3

  18. How interesting since I have the opposite dilemma of dressing too old for my age. I think my fear of always looking like a teenager made me over compensate with my styling. So now, I'm trying to go the other way to balance things out a little bit. But what the hell, you think the teenagers will come looking for us to get back their clothes?

  19. thank you lovely ladies for your sweet comments :) phew i should learn to trust myself and wear whatever the heck i want :P

    hope you all have a wonderful, short week!


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