Sunday, May 8, 2011

A New Chanel

With the looming price increases, Chanel is spreading panic and outrage among its purse lovers. However, Chanel's business strategy must be working beautifully because many of us are flocking to buy more purses before the inevitable happens. Yep, I am one of those suckers. I told myself this will be the last Chanel for awhile (promise!) and brought home this beauty...

Purse: Chanel m/l Flap 
Shirt: Forever 21
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: BCBG
Belt: Ann Taylor
Ring: Amrita Singh, Bracelet: eBay

I tend to gravitate towards neutral colors when it comes to pricey stuff because I know they'll last me a lifetime. Hence all the beiges and blacks. But I have enough of the classic items for now; my next Chanel will be either red, pink, green, or purple. Yes, most definitely. ;)

I got this top from Forever 21 but it was way too long. I think it was meant to be a tunic of sorts. Didn't like the length at all so I took my scissors and chopped off a good 6 inches. Now it's too short and the back is uneven. Oh well, I'm convincing myself that it looks ok and the uneven/choppy look adds characters. :P

Oh yah, do you like my cute little pearl bracelet? It costs me a whole 99 cents! I heart heart heart eBay.

Overall, I am happy but still uneasy about this splurge. Boyfriend and I are saving for the future so I feel extremely guilty for spending this much money right now. For the next couple of months, I'm banning myself from shopping. I have compiled a small list of items that I need and may purchase... other than that I'm putting my credit cards in the freezer!

1. shells for work
2. a pair of summer sandals
3. (maybe) a pair of comfy flats

I hope I can stick to this goal and not be too tempted by the things I see on you beautiful ladies. Gotta practice self-control! I will probably be posting some stuff for sale to recuperate a fraction of this cost. That is if I'm not lazy. :P

What about you? Are you considering any Chanel before the price increases? And will you continue to buy Chanel after?


  1. I've never had a Chanel item, but I do think it's a good idea to purchase one before the price increase. Also, I can't even tell you cut the bottom of your top--it looks like it came that way. Nicely done!

  2. that chanel bag is gorgeous!!

  3. My sister just picked up a Chanel bag. I know it's not really for me at this point in time...but maybe in the future? I appreciate its beauty, but I don't feel compelled to own one yet. =)

  4. Your bag is beautiful! I tend to go for bold colors when it comes to bags, and recently realized that, no, my bright red bags don't go with everything, and that I should consider some more neutrals in my accessories wardrobe. ;)

    I won't be buying any Chanel this price increase...I was lucky enough to snag the red (again, with the bold colors! Sheesh!) I had been lusting over for years, so I'm surprisingly satisfied with my Chanel collection at the moment.

    I'm really liking your skirt! Is it recent?

  5. questforfashionsense: thanks Michelle! the front part looks ok because I followed the scalloped hem, but the back is definitely not a straight line haha. oh well as long as it's not too obvious to others ;)

    petite & hungry: i'm petite & hungry too lol. thank you :)

    Jess: ahhh i wish i was more like you. i've been bitten by the designer handbag bug for the past...hmmm....almost 10 years now? not good i tell ya, not good :(

    Kelly: you're right, bold color bags don't go with everything but they're so fun and gorgeous! i love your red bag, you should definitely use it more often. i see that we have opposite problems when it comes to colors lol. ;) i feel like i'm never satisfied with what i have; i want more! self control, self control :D

    i got the skirt about 2.5 months ago?

  6. OMG! I LOVE your new Chanel purse! Out of all the colors available, that is the one I like the most, even over black. I have a knock-off one in a similar color. =P I also love your white lace top and the whole outfit in general. I commend you for putting a spending freeze on yourself, but it is super hard to do that when you follow other fashion bloggers and see their hauls! Good luck! :)

  7. Dear Sunshine,

    It was a delightful surprise to see your lovely message. I have been buried under my pile work lately.

    That is such a pretty bag. The size and colour is perfect and you look gorgeous in the whole combination.

    p/s:Chanel frequent price increase in beginning to be quite irritating.

  8. Love your entire outfit! Your pleated skirt and the crochet lace top.. I actually love you DIY it looks very natural and pretty!

    But let's talk about your newest channel purchase. Love love love!! So pretty and def a great neutral that you'll enjoy for many years to come!

    Truthfully I think I will not be purchasing any more chanel *gasp* haha. It's not even that the prices hikes are annoying because I've been buying chanel for years and I've just come to accept it.. But it's more the fact that i know that 2 chanel bags equates to one birkin... Quite honestly I would just rather have a birkin!

  9. LePetiteLemon: awww thank you! i was debating between a pink or beige purse...and in the end practicality won. there's always next time though lol. and thanks for your support, i will try my hardest haha...

    PehSun: i know you're a Chanel lover hehe ;) i hope you'll be freed up soon so i can read more posts from you :)

    Lisa: thank you dearest :) my oh my, i'm lusting after a birkin too...but spending $10k at once is just *unimaginable* for me. i don't think i can bring myself to do it just yet. maybe when i'm rich haha. REALLY rich lol. but i can't wait to see one from you ;)

  10. *GASPS* Sunshine, I ADORE YOUR NEW CHANEL! Beige clair + gold hardware was my first choice when I was shopping for a Chanel a year (or two?) ago. Like you, a price increase was looming at the time, and they only had a beige jumbo left, so I passed and went with my second choice, black with silver hardware. Oh gosh, if I could do it over, I really shouldn't worry about that couple hundred dollar difference and waited until there was a new shipment! Alas, that's water under the bridge. Back to you and your beautiful Chanel. The pictures are gorgeous and it truly goes with your outfit so well. Can I request a bag collection post sometime? :D I bet you have some beautiful gems!

  11. Cee: i'm so glad you approve of the color choice hehe. that sucks you didn't get your first choice...but no worries, the black one is gorgeous too!

    about the collection post, honestly, i have very few handbags. you've probably seen them all on this blog already. although i like designer bags, i could only afford one every couple of years so you would be disappointed to see them hehe. but for you...maybe <3 ;)

  12. EXQUISITE bag! Did you get the lambskin version? It looks so buttery and soft!

    I would have never known that you trimmed the excess length of your shirt - it looks gorgeous with the pleated skirt!

  13. thank you, SPG! it's actually caviar. i have a lambskin and it's extremely high maintenance so i tend to stay away from that now (unless the bag is for evening use only). i'm glad you like my little diy shirt trim. if it passes your inspection (the sewing queen) then it's all good! ;)

  14. Love the nude Chanel...suitable for so many outfits and occasions! It's pretty amazing they they are hiking the prices yet again...I mean, aren't they high enough?!

  15. hi dear..
    what an amazing blog...
    if you want we can follow each other..let me know..

    look my post VERYSIMPLE and leave me a comment what do you think about the ss 2011 collection...


  16. Holy moly - twins for sure! Love this pleated skirt (wish I could find stuff like that at F21) and lace combo, and the gorgeous beige bag. The price increase cannot compel me to buy now (pricing is a bit ridiculous as-is), though I do have a gift card to burn. I saw a pretty beige but it was lambskin and not caviar, so I wasn't too tempted.

  17. Frankie: i know right, it's already ridiculously high as it is. oh the price we pay for iconic stuff :/

    2befab: thank you, i'll definitely check out your blog :)

    Jean: i hate shopping at f21. i'm usually in and out of there in 10 minutes so it's pure luck that i find something remotely decent. a chanel gift card huh? someone must really loves you ;)


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