Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Under the San Francisco Sun

Happy Tuesday after Memorial day everyone! Back to work today woohooo. ;)

The boyfriend and I went for a mini getaway to SF this past weekend. Although I have been to this lovely city several times, it's always been very short trips so I still haven't seen all of its beauty yet. But I guess that's part of the charm; keeps me coming back for more huh?

Wearing: H&M blazer; Zara blouse; Gap cropped pants; Target sandals; LV pochette

The above photo was taken outside of the Jewish museum. I love the unique washed-out quality of it, and of course, the modern cubic design of the building. I know we have many bloggers from the Bay area so please bear with me as I post touristsy photos of your city hehe.

1. Walking around Union Square early in the morning while the rest of SF is still asleep. I love any city that allows me to travel by foot. Here in LA, we use our cars for everything, even just to get a block down the street!
2. Hidden identity. Have any of you seen the show "Home Improvement" way back when? Tim's neighbor, Wilson, always had part of his face covered by either the fence or other objects throughout the whole series. I totally thought of him when I took this picture lol.

1. Standing "tall" in Jessie Square, right behind St. Patrick church & the Jewish museum
2. Is anyone home??? Please let me in, I need some food!

1. Inside St. Patrick church. I've been to a few churches in SF and I absolutely LOVE all of them. The intricate designs are truly reminiscent of European churches.
2. Cute homes on Lombard Street. Really wanted to see the Painted Ladies (row of Victorian houses featured on "Full House") but we didn't have time.
3. Fisherman's Wharf--I'm in there somewhere.
4. Our first time riding the cable cars and it was so much fun! Well, except for the rude conductor.

1. Endless stairways to Coit Tower. Seriously...my legs died. I died too.
2. View of Golden Gate bridge  from Coit Tower.

1. Popover at Rotunda. Ms. Lisa of Cocobella Ballerina recommended this shopping eatery and I just had to try it. Look at my cheesy smile and you'll know how excited I was haha.
2. Crab salad + lobster club. Yes, we had exactly what she & her hubby had. Yummm! Me + seafood = heaven. So right after we finished our meal here on Sat afternoon, SF decided to shower us with some pretty heavy rain. But fear not, we put a jacket over our head and continued on with our shopping lol. When we got to Zara, bf picked out a bright orange umbrella for me and I was so eager to use it...and then it stopped raining. Boo!!!
3. Dungeness crab, clam chowder, and calamari from Fisherman's Wharf. Seriously, bf and I would drive 6 hours to SF just for the clam chowder. *drool*
4. Tiger prawns with garlic noodles and roasted crab from Thanh Long. Crustacean (sister restaurant of TL) is my favorite restaurant here in LA so I've been dying to give TL a try. Although the food was pretty good, I still prefer Crustacean. Go there when you're in Beverly Hills and try the lobster with garlic noodles. Oh, there's a Sprinkles Cupcakes right across the street too. Need I say more?

And I shall leave you with this...a portrait of me & bf. We had a wonderful time in SF! Thank you for having us and we'll see you again. :)


  1. Lovely! I was considering gnawing at my computer screen when I saw all the food pictures, but I refrained. I think my computer's happy, but my belly, not so much.

  2. great photos, it looks like a fun time. I love SF!
    Forever Chic,

  3. Oooh, more and more glimpses of your face! I like! I'm thinking I should start wearing sunglasses in some of my posts (where it won't clash horribly with my outfits) so I don't have to keep cropping out my face, lol.

    Thank you for sharing your SF pics travels and adventures! If I'm ever back, I'll have to refer back to this for all the yummy places to eat. And how cute are you and your bf?! :)

  4. Love the photos! And the food all looks so delicious:)

  5. Looks like you had a blast this weekend in SF! Too bad the weather wasn't ideal...but the food is always spectacular! =)

  6. Gorgeous! And I love the Rotunda - so glad you liked it :) Cocoballerina has the best taste :)

  7. LOL about Wilson - very cute pic! You and your BF look so cute together in that window photo - just adorable. I really need to plan a trip to SF just for the food!

  8. I love the pop of red! And it looks like a very fun SF outing!

  9. It is such a beautiful city, thanks for taking us on a lovely tour of SF. Very nice architectures. I hope to visit there someday. Boy, I would smile from ear to ear if I had those dishes in front of me!

    Thank you for your sweetest comment :)

  10. eek!! i loved your pics!! hahah thanks for the shoutout.. i was pleasently surprised to see you eating at neimans in the pictures.. i hope your enjoyed your lunch as much as i do when i eat there :)

    loved the window shot of you and your bf :) you two are so adorable!!!

  11. Wonderful photos! The Jewish Museum looks so cool! And all those food! Yum.

  12. beautiful pictures! what a fun trip! and that is the biggest popover i have ever seen!

  13. That popover looks delish. What a beautiful city!

    Love your blog!

    - S from Following the Walkers

  14. thank you everyone so much for stopping by and traveling to SF with me ;) i can't wait for the next vacay woohoo! :P


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